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An interest in playing the piano at a young age blossomed into a professional piano teacher - Ms Liew obtained her Distinction in Diploma in Piano Performance LTCL & ATCL under tutelage of Ms. Ralitsa Obretenova, Master's Degree, Piano Performance from National Academy of Music. Besides, she was awarded another high distinction in  Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Music) by the London College of Music and University of West London. 

Ms Liew, who has been giving piano lessons for 10 years, has extensive teaching experience working with young children from beginner to diploma level professional.

Her teaching approach encapsulates Active Thinking Piano Method, which has been proven to help students in learning advance pieces by understand the fundamental concepts of music.

She has great ideas about how to help students start with learning, playing and finally loving the piano. effective piano lesson through strategies, resources and professional practices.



Piano Teacher

With 17 years of piano experience and 7 years of teaching, Ms Jean is a dedicated professional who has been highly sought after for her passionate teaching by the parents. She has up to more than 20 lovely students under her wings, all entralled by her unique way of imparting music. Most of her student scored merit or distinction for ABRSM syllabus, with an astonishing 100% passing rate. In addition, Ms Jean's 12 years of professional choiring, allows her to impart her students with the correct technique of singing, helping them to hear the voices and soul in the pieces that they are playing. Despite constantly gaining positive credentials, Ms Jean does not stop upgrading herself and had recently awarded Gold Prize in the Trinity Laban Music and Dance International Competition 2020 (Senior Catergory).



Piano Teacher

Ms Nicole started teaching piano since 2009 then she learn that it's her favourite thing to do. Along the way of learning, she met lots of like-minded piano lovers and mentors whom inspired her to become who she is today. She remembered vividly the day she had her first piano recital as a child, facing many audiences by herself. The moment she ended her last note, they applauded. This feeling is delighted and memorable. It makes her want to continue playing the piano. Piano playing becomes part of her daily routine and she can never go a day without touching the piano, hence, she become a piano teacher today. She loves piano playing and her teaching job, she did not feel like she's working everyday. Her students range from as young as 3 years old to 45. She can't wait to share her music knowledge that was passed down by her mentors to inspire others.



Piano Teaacher

Cassandra (Cass) holds an ABRSM Grade 8 in both Piano Practical and Music Theory. She has accumulated teaching experience since 2015, educating children from age 4 to adults at an impressive age of 66! Cass has also performed different piano genres since 2013 (Pop and Jazz) in various events including Singapore Institute of Technology's inaugural TED Talk show and 2019 National Day Parade Punggol Event. Cass admits - piano wasn't a whirlwind romance. At the age of six, Cass picked up the piano under the guidance of several changing teachers, and a traumatizing bamboo cane. However, all it takes is just one dedicated mentor to change everything, and that teacher made all the difference. Since then, Cass has declared it her mission to transform music learning and inspire the joy of playing the piano effectively, to as many people as possible.  During her spare time, you will probably find Cass exploring herself through other forms of art, such as guitar playing, dancing or floral styling!



Piano Teacher

Ms Clarabel has 10 years teaching exprience and she acquired her Diploma Piano Performance ATCL from Trinity College London, U.K. She has worked with many music schools and she is familiar with different kind of teaching approach. With Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Ms Clarabel is very comfortable to teach children and they always find her lesson very engaging. She excels at helping students to progress to reading music easily, playing in an expressive way and focus on piano technique. With such great dedication and love for piano teaching, her biggest motivation and goal as a teacher is to enable students to realize a level of proficiency that will allow them to learn piano independently, leading to lifelong appreciation and enjoyment in piano playing.

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