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Kawai US65

The Kawai US series, produced by Kawai, is a high-end piano series that was primarily manufactured between 1980 and 1994.


The series includes various models, with the main ones being US50, US60, US60M, US70, US80, US55, US65, US75, US95, US5X, US6X, US7X, US8X, US9X, as well as other special editions and custom versions such as US55K, US63H, US60M, US6LE, US5C, US8C, US9C, and a few others.

Grand Piano Design: A Key Feature of the US Series

The defining feature of the US series is its distinctive grand piano design, which is highly popular and renowned for its exceptional appearance, period authenticity, configurations, and overall performance.


The US series aims to closely emulate the triangular piano in all aspects, from the exterior design to even the soundboard.


Some US models even incorporate what Kawai calls the "G-curve soundboard," which mimics the triangular piano's style.

Innovation and Top-Tier Models in the US Series

During its production, Kawai introduced several innovative designs in the US series. Notably, the US80, US95, US8X, and US9X are the top-tier models in the series, representing the epitome of the US series characteristics.


However, aside from these flagship models, many other US series pianos do not necessarily outperform their high-end contemporaries and may include more marketing gimmicks.


There are plenty of other exceptional pianos to consider, so it's advisable to make a rational choice.

Large Upright Frames: A Professional-Grade Design

The US series features large upright frames, and these are professional-grade pianos, ranging from the US50, US60, US70, and US80 models to the later US5X, US6X, US7X, and so on.


The US5X is the only model with a 125 cm height in the large upright category.

The Kawai US65: A Piano in Original, Unaltered Condition

The Kawai US65, which we are discussing today, is in its original, unaltered condition. Kawai's high-end piano models, including the US series, use fixed string locks to enhance tuning stability, distinguishing them from regular upright pianos and emphasizing their professional nature.


They have hammerheads crafted from precious hardwood, root posts for support, and a design resembling a grand piano, known as a large upright piano.

High-End Features and Professionalism of the US Series

The US series is targeted at a high-end customer base and represents Kawai's premium offerings.


These pianos are known for their beautiful tone, large upright frames, an upright keyboard lid, and a design reminiscent of a triangular piano, which is both aesthetically pleasing and grand.


The keys of these pianos are made from special materials and treated to be antimicrobial, making them suitable for professional performances.


They produce a rich and pure tone, offer comfortable touch, require minimal maintenance, and exhibit low internal wear and tear.

Melodious Piano Shop: Curating and Caring for Fine Pianos

At Melodious Piano Shop, we only showcase pianos that are in good original condition. We take great care in selecting each piano and provide professional treatment to ensure that every piano we sell is of the highest quality. We take pride in our commitment to delivering the best pianos to our customers.


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