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We have the BEST Team of Piano Teachers! | Melodious Piano Studio

Love. Passion. Caring. Trust

At Melodious Piano Studio, we firmly believe that the foundation of any great music institution lies in its educators. We are proud to boast a team of exceptional piano teachers who are not only passionate about music but are also dedicated to imparting their knowledge to the next generation.

At the heart of Melodious' teaching lies four fundamental values: Love, Passion, Caring, and Trust.

Why Our Teachers Stand Out


Our piano teachers are a unique blend of talent, dedication, and passion. They come from diverse backgrounds, bringing with them a wealth of experience and a shared love for music. But what truly sets them apart is their commitment to continuous learning. Our teachers come together, eager to learn, share, and improve their teaching methodologies.


James Cash Penney once said, "The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison." At Melodious Piano Studio, this resonates deeply with our ethos. Our unified goal is to "Deliver Piano Lessons that Kids Love," and every member of our team works tirelessly towards this.

A Glimpse into Our Teacher's World


Every piano teacher at Melodious Piano Studio undergoes rigorous training and regular workshops. This ensures that they are equipped with the latest teaching techniques and understand the nuances of modern music education. They are trained to cater to each student's unique needs, ensuring that every lesson is tailored to the individual.


Beyond technical skills, our teachers are also mentors. They understand the challenges and joys of learning an instrument and are always there to guide, motivate, and inspire their students. They celebrate every milestone, no matter how small, and are the biggest cheerleaders for their students.

Join Our Musical Journey


If you're looking for a piano teacher who will not just teach but inspire, look no further. At Melodious Piano Studio, we promise a learning experience like no other. Our teachers are the heart and soul of our studio, and they are eager to embark on a musical journey with you.


Ms Liew

Highly enthusiastic piano teaching professional, Principal of MELODIOUS PIANO STUDIO Ms Liew is dedicated to help each student reach their full potential in music. She obtained her Distinction in Diploma in Piano Performance Licientiate Trinity College London LTCL and ATCL under tutelage of Ms. Ralitsa Obretenova, Master's Degree, Piano Performance from National Academy of Music (Bulgaria). She was awarded Distinction in Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Music) DipLCM by the London College of Music and University of West London. Passion driven with more than 10 years extensive teaching experience as a piano teacher , Ms Liew has been working with young children from beginner to Diploma level professional like piano teachers. Her growing years as an early childhood music teachers has also led her to active teaching in more than 30 kindergartens and well-known childcares likes PATS Schoolhouse, Learning Vision etc. She has received a 'Promising Star Award' by Knowledge Universe Singapore in 2013. Furthermore, she was awarded as the scholarship recipient of her Degree studies and selected to study International Business Management at HAMK Häme University of Applied Sciences, Finland on full sponsorship. Her teaching approach encapsulates Active Learning Piano Mind, which has been proven to help students in learning advance pieces by understand the fundamental concepts of music. Her most recent achievement was 'Star Award Teacher 2020 & 2021 presented by Musique Loft, 'Outstanding Teacher & Music School Award 2023' by La Pianista Music. Melodious  Piano Studio was awarded No. 1 Most Recommended Piano Education Winner 2023-204 and Asia Excellence Piano Education & Educator Winner Choice 2023-2024.   

Ms Liew.jpg

Senior Teacher

Ms Kahoru

Ms. Kahoru, originally hailing from Japan, embarked on her piano journey at the tender age of five. In 2003, she relocated to the United States, demonstrating her dedication to her craft. Her educational accomplishments include two Master of Music Degrees, specializing in Piano Performance and Pedagogy, obtained from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. During her time there, she received expert guidance in applied piano from Carol Leone and honed her pedagogical skills under the tutelage of Catharine Lysinger. Ms. Kahoru's pursuit of excellence led her to the University of Texas at Austin, where she completed her Bachelor of Music in piano performance, benefiting from the mentorship of Anton Nel. In recognition of her outstanding abilities, she was honored with the prestigious Harold Von Mickwitz Prize in Piano in 2020. This distinction earned her the opportunity to showcase her talents as a soloist with the Meadows Symphony Orchestra in 2022, further cementing her position as a remarkable pianist. Driven by her passion for piano and a desire to shape the future generation of musicians, Ms. Kahoru pursued advanced studies in the art of pedagogy at SMU. This endeavor equipped her with invaluable theoretical knowledge and practical experience in piano instruction. Her exceptional aptitude in teaching secured her a coveted teaching fellow position at SMU's Piano Preparatory Department, where she conducted both group and private lessons. Additionally, she imparted her expertise to undergraduate students from diverse musical backgrounds, leading group piano classes. Ms. Kahoru possesses an unwavering commitment to creating a positive and enriching learning environment for her students. Her primary objective is to empower them, fostering their love for music while encouraging exploration and nurturing their creativity.

Ms Kahoru

Piano Teacher

Ms Felicia

Ms. Felicia, a recipient of the ATCL Piano Recital certification from Trinity College London in 2013, possesses extensive teaching experience in Malaysia and Singapore, where she has guided numerous students through their piano education. Renowned for her remarkable patience and unwavering dedication, Ms. Felicia has garnered praise from parents who have witnessed her exceptional teaching abilities firsthand. Recognizing the potential challenges young children face when learning an instrument, she invests tremendous effort in creating a nurturing and supportive environment that instills comfort and confidence in her students. Ms. Felicia's teaching approach is characterized by versatility, as she tailors her methods to suit the unique requirements of each individual student. Her lessons are infused with elements of amusement and interactivity, employing games, songs, and other engaging activities to ensure an enjoyable and captivating learning experience. Furthermore, she places significant emphasis on the significance of consistent practice, equipping her students with explicit instructions and valuable guidance on how to optimize their practice sessions. As a highly skilled and devoted piano instructor, Ms. Felicia wholeheartedly commits herself to assisting her students in attaining their musical aspirations.


Piano Teacher

Ms Natalie

Teacher Natalie (Nat) is an avid music enthusiast! Her passion for music stems from a deep love and appreciation nurtured since childhood by her family of musicians - made up of singers, drummers, flautists, pianists, and guitarists! She holds a Diploma in Music Performance, Associate of Trinity College London ATCL Piano Recital, as well as, an ABRSM Grade 8 with Distinction in Piano. Nat has an affinity for teaching and firmly believes in nurturing skills and interests from a young age. Sharing and cultivating a love for music in others gives her joy, and she hopes to ignite the same spark of musical passion and appreciation in her students. Nat believes in giving back to the community using our God-given gifts and is an active member that sings/plays the keys in her community worship band, church choir, and more!

Ms Nataie

Piano Teacher

Ms Catherine

Ms Catherine Yeong began her music journey at a tender age of 5 with piano and have not looked back since. In 2014, she attained a Diploma in Piano Performance from ABRSM (DipAB). With outstanding Diploma results, she was awarded a scholarship to pursue her Bachelor Degree in Classical Music. In 2018, she attained her Bachelor Degree with Honors. She has been teaching music for over ten years. She believes music is food for the soul as well as a great bonding tool. She firmly believe that the musical journey should be an enjoyable adventure! She wants to share her musical knowlege with people from of all ages and walks of life. She has students as young as 4 years old to senior citizens in their sixties. She is also have experience in tutoring students with special needs.

Joyce Picture.jpeg

Piano Teacher

Ms Joyce

Passionate about teaching and inspiring students, Ms Joyce helms more than 20 years of teaching experience. She holds Diploma in Piano Teaching from ABRSM, U.K. With her extensive experience in Yamaha Music School, Dalcroze and Orff Schulwerk methodologies, she has taught in various schools; in music classrooms settings to students of all ages. She is also trained a certified MOE Music Teacher since 2014. She has extensive background in preparing students for school performances and events besides served as a church pianist for the past 10 years. Her student Ayden Seanady Wong aged 7, who was awarded a bronze medal in the junior category in the World Championships of Performing Arts in August 2020. Committed to help spur student’s interest and inspire for lifelong learning.

Ms Joyce

Piano Teacher

Ms Hailey

Hailey's musical journey started at a young age of 5, and surprisingly, piano wasn't her initial favourite. Music just naturally became a part of her life, accompanying her wherever she went. During her school days, she got curious about different instruments like the Yang Qin, Gu Zhen, and Taiko Drum, expanding her musical horizons beyond just piano melodies. However, after achieving ABRSM Grade 8 Practical certification, music took a back seat. In a twist of fate in 2021, a friend got Hailey into teaching at her school. She hit it off, especially with the little ones, loving every bit of leading group classes for those preschoolers aged 3.5 to 5. She has acquired experience hosting musical camps, delving into different instruments each term. Additionally, she has experience teaching students with special needs! Fuelled by her hunger for knowledge, Hailey didn't settle. She went on a certification spree, acing her ABRSM Grade 8 Theory, gaining ECDA approval to teach music and development for 4 to 6-year-olds, and even getting the nod to teach the Rockschool syllabus for those jamming to pop tunes. Now, she's set her sights on a Professional Teaching Certification in Piano, taking her game in music education up a notch!

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-23 at 102609 (1).jpg

Piano Teacher

Ms Fang Yuan

Ms Fang Yuan started her music journey at the age of 7 and aspired to be a music teacher at a young age. She pursued her music studies by being a performance major in the Music Elective Programme (MEP) at her junior college, where she was shortlisted to receive the MOE Music Elective Scholarship and attained distinction for the subject. pon graduation, she is now pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music at National University of Singapore. She is e is also plays the trumpet as a second instrument and was a member of her junior college symphonic band. Furthermore, she also enjoyed playing in community orchestras. Besides teaching at Melodious Piano Studio, Fang Yuan had been a music mentor to graduating JC students in her school and walked her juniors through music studies and performance. She also pursues her interest in working with children as she tutored at her church’s Tuition Ministry and is currently a Sunday school teacher at her church. A musician with innate passion and musicality, Fang Yuan hopes to inspire as many students to appreciate the beauty of music. She believes in making music accessible to the people around her and developing aspiring musicians with stylistic awareness and musical understanding so as to turn music learning and music making more enjoyable and purposeful. More importantly, she hopes to enable each and every student to explore and develop their own musical ‘voice’ through honing their musical interests and maturity. All in all, Fang Yuan strives to form connections with her students so as to make music lessons fun, relatable and insightful.

Piano Teacher

Ms Shu Ying

With a strong passion for music, Shu Ying has been learning the piano for 13 years, since the age of seven. She has a distinction in ATCL piano diploma and is currently pursuing a degree in Biomedical engineering. Her passion for music has led her to pursue many opportunities given to her to help deepen her understanding and love of classical music. Since primary school she has used these opportunities to grow in music. She participated in her music school's annual piano competiton and won 3rd prizes and even performed in front of her primary school when she got the chance. In secondary school she also pursued music as a subject to help deepen her understading of classical music. This helped her gain an interest in teaching people about the beauty of classical music and she hopes to help her students appreciate classical music as she does. She has also participated in piano competitons like La Pianista and she hopes for her students to, like her, appreciate the challenges faced when learning classical piano while having fun.

shu ying_edited.jpg
Ms Shu Ying
Joo Ger.jpeg

Piano Teacher

Ms Joo Ger

With over 8 years of enriching experience as a piano teacher, Ms Joo Ger is an accomplished and dedicated musician. After completed her Grade 8 in piano, went on to achieve the prestigious ATCL Diploma in Piano Performance from Trinity College London. Currently, she is preparing for the LTCL, a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence in her craft. An enthusiast of the collaborative power of music, Joo Ger has participated three LCM ensemble performances, where she contributed her talents to create harmonious symphonies with fellow musicians. With 8 years of teaching experience, she has nurtured a new generation of aspiring musicians with her knowledge, patience, and passion. Her journey as a Music Teacher at Tchaikovsky since August 2015 and her continued association with the prestigious Vienna music school since October 2017 have helped shape and refine her teaching techniques

Piano Teacher

Ms Rina

Ms Rina started her music journey at the tender age of six. What was initially a mundane weekly routine turned into something she looked forward to when a passionate teacher walked into her life. Her perspective changed, and she realized the importance of having a teacher who had a zeal for the subject she was teaching. She graduated Honors Degree GLCM (Hons) from London College of Music, United Kingdom. She is Recipient of the Westminster Prize, and is well-versed in both Piano and Flute, with ABRSM, LLCM and ALCM certifications. Ms Rina is experienced in teaching students from all walks of life, of different ages. She strives to make learning enjoyable for everyone.

Ms Rina_edited.jpg
Ms Rina

Piano Teacher

Ms Sally

Ms Sally is a dedicated and passionate piano teacher with 25 years of experience in providing individually tailored lessons to students of all ages and abilities. Hailing from diverse corners of the globe, Ms. Sally's journey as a teacher has left an indelible mark in countries as diverse as the United States and Japan. Her cross-cultural experiences have not only enriched her teaching style but have also provided her students with a unique musical journey, influenced by a blend of Western and Eastern musical traditions. Her expertise lies in identifying her students' strengths and weaknesses, enabling her to craft personalized lesson plans that optimize their learning experience. s. Sally's extensive qualifications are a testament to her unwavering pursuit of excellence. Armed with a Licensed Kindermusik Educator certification from the USA, an LTCL Teaching Diploma from Trinity College London, and an exceptional Grade 8 Piano & Theory certification from ABRSM, she stands as a maestro of musical pedagogy.Having taught in renowned musical hubs like Singapore, the USA, and Japan, Ms. Sally brings a global perspective to her teaching, introducing her students to diverse musical influences and approaches.

Piano Teacher

Ms Lydia

Music is not just a part of Ms Lydia's life; it is the essence that weaves through her entire journey. With an ABRSM Grade 8 in Piano and Music as a subject for her GCE 'O' Level exams, Ms Lydia's musical passion extends to her involvement in a choir and proficiency in playing the cello in both the Chinese Orchestra and String Ensemble. Even in her academic pursuits, music remains a focal point—her graduation project for her Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Linguistics and Multilingual Studies delved into the intersection of language and music. Beyond academia, Ms Lydia has shared her musical knowledge with children in church settings, drawing from her experiences working with different age groups. Grateful for the kindness and patience of her own mentors, Ms Lydia hopes to emulate those qualities as a teacher, inspiring her students to embark on their unique musical journeys in an environment that fosters passion, patience, and kindness.

Ms Lydia

Piano Teacher

Ms Rachel

Ms Rachel’s musical journey started with playing on the toy piano at the tender age of 4.Shortly after, she attended proper piano classes, which sparked her passion and love for music and the performing arts. Throughout her schooling years, she was active in her respective school choirs, sang in her church choir, and by the time she was 16, she achieved Merit for ABRSM Grade 8 in both piano and violin. Rachel studied Music for the GCE ‘A’ Level Examinations, where those 2 years served as the turning point to determine what she wanted to do with her immense enthusiasm for music. What was originally a mere hobby turned into a potential career path. Rachel currently studies Music Composition as a second major at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (YSTCM), and aspires to share the joy of music to everyone around her, through her own compositions as well as through teaching, as a way to give back to the community. She strongly believes that people of all ages, young or old, can pick up an instrument and cultivate a love for it.

Piano Teacher

Ms Chloe

Ms Chloe holds ABRSM Piano Grade 8 Practical with extensive experience in performance and theory. She has been playing piano and taking performance exams since 2009, and have received over 10 years of training from a prestigious music school. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and levels, and her goal is to make every lesson comfortable, enjoyable, and fun. She can teach a variety of musical styles, including jazz, blues, classical, and improvisation, and she particularly adept at teaching beginners. She understands that every student learns differently, so she strives to cater to each student's individual learning needs and goals. She's patient, competent, and dedicated to helping her students understand music theory and apply it to their playing. She's excited to meet and work with new students and help them achieve their musical goals.

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