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All Melodious Piano Teachers are STRICTLY HANDPICKED and well-trained in a systematic way, with a teaching style strongly aligned with our philosophy.


The core of teaching at Melodious consists of three basic values: 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞, 𝐏𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐏𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐭.

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Founder and Principal

Highly enthusiastic piano teaching professional, FOUNDER of MELODIOUS PIANO STUDIO Ms Liew is dedicated to help each student reach their full potential in music. She obtained her Distinction in Diploma in Piano Performance Licientiate Trinity College London LTCL and ATCL under tutelage of Ms. Ralitsa Obretenova, Master's Degree, Piano Performance from National Academy of Music (Bulgaria). She was awarded Distinction in Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Music) DipLCM by the London College of Music and University of West London. Passion driven with more than 10 years extensive teaching experience as a piano teacher. Ms Liew has been working with young children from beginner to Diploma level professional like piano teachers. Her growing years as an early childhood music teacher has also led her to active teaching in more than 30 kindergartens and well-known childcares likes PATS Schoolhouse, received a 'Promising Star Award' by Knowledge Universe Singapore in 2013. Furthermore, she was awarded as the scholarship recipient of her Degree studies and selected to study International Business Management at HAMK Häme University of Applied Sciences, Finland on full sponsorship. Her teaching approach encapsulates Active Learning Piano Mind, which has been proven to help students in learning advance pieces by understand the fundamental concepts of music. Through many years of teaching, her students have won many competitions and earned high score in exam and some of them pursued music as profession. Her most recent achievement was 'Star Award Teacher 2020' presented by Musique Loft.

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Piano Teacher

Sherra Ng was a very inquisitive child, always in a corner quietly watching her brother 13 years older practice on the piano. Being exposed to Classical music at a young age was probably what sparked her love for it. At the age of 4, she began piano lessons, and not long after she wanted to learn the violin. The simultaneous study of the two instruments continued for another 12 years. In primary school, she took up erhu as her third instrument in the school’s Chinese Orchestra and stuck with the same co-curricular activity, served as concertmaster and student conductor in her secondary school. Here, she wrote and arranged pieces for the orchestra for concerts and other events in school. After some time, Sherra decided to join some competitions for both piano and violin. These included the Batam International Open Piano Competition, Vienna Virtuoso Festival and the Mandeville Music Festival, where she also won the Double Achievement Award for her achievement in the Competitive Senior category for both piano and violin. At the same time, she is also an active member of Keat Hong Chinese Orchestra and has performed in many of their concerts since 2016, which includes Odyssey, Memoirs of Heroes and their Beautiful Sunday concerts, which were free concerts held at Esplanade Concert Hall that were aimed to be suitable for people of all ages. After finishing her secondary school, she took the leap of faith to pursue music in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, where she enrolled as a piano student. Under the tutelage of Ms. Yuko Kamimoto, she has grown as a musician. As a pianist who has played both Classical and Chinese music, she aspires to work with both Classical and Chinese instrumentalists someday and showcase the beauty in both worlds. Sherra is a strong believer in the mysterious power to connect hearts that music has, which is what keeps her driven to constantly learn and expand her knowledge. Outside music, she is a never-growing child who likes to draw and play with her nephew. Sometimes she brings him to concerts hoping that he, like her, would come to love music one day.

Piano Teacher For Kids in Singapore | Melodious Piano Studio


Piano Teacher

As a classically-trained pianist with Grade 8 Piano, Ms Nowell aspires to bring out the musician in each of her students by having them feel the music as they gain great confidence through creative, fun and excellent musical learning environment. Ms Nowell has completed Certificate in Piano Pedagogy which deepens her knowledge in relation to piano teaching and improves effectiveness of piano lessons. With previous teaching experience in music school, she has a great passion in working with young children starting from age 4 and adults. Music has been one of her greatest passions since she was a little girl, and teaching it is her favorite way to share her love of music. It was pop piano lessons that continued to grow her interest. At 12, she had watched Jay Chou's 'Secret', which inspired her to learn the pieces in the film. She has plans to grow her ability to play and sing, in genres such as pop, jazz and bossa nova. It is her great joy to teach students and continually inspire them to reach their full musical potential!

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Piano Teacher

Passionate about teaching and inspiring students, Ms Joyce helms more than 20 years of teaching experience. She holds Diploma in Piano Teaching from ABRSM, U.K. With her extensive experience in Yamaha Music School, Dalcroze and Orff Schulwerk methodologies, she has taught in various schools; in music classrooms settings to students of all ages. She is also trained a certified MOE Music Teacher since 2014. She has extensive background in preparing students for school performances and events besides served as a church pianist for the past 10 years. Her student Ayden Seanady Wong aged 7, who was awarded a bronze medal in the junior category in the World Championships of Performing Arts in August 2020. Committed to help spur student’s interest and inspire for lifelong learning.

Piano Teacher For Kids in Singapore | Melodious Piano Studio


Piano Teaacher

Cassandra (Cass) holds an ABRSM Grade 8 in both Piano Practical and Music Theory. She has accumulated teaching experience since 2015, educating children from age 4 to adults at an impressive age of 66! Cass has also performed different piano genres since 2013 (Pop and Jazz) in various events including Singapore Institute of Technology's inaugural TED Talk show and 2019 National Day Parade Punggol Event. Cass admits - piano wasn't a whirlwind romance. At the age of six, Cass picked up the piano under the guidance of several changing teachers, and a traumatizing bamboo cane. However, all it takes is just one dedicated mentor to change everything, and that teacher made all the difference. Since then, Cass has declared it her mission to transform music learning and inspire the joy of playing the piano effectively, to as many people as possible.  During her spare time, you will probably find Cass exploring herself through other forms of art, such as guitar playing, dancing or floral styling!

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Piano Teacher

With a strong passion for music, Ms Pei Chieh holds a Diploma in Music Performance, Associate of Trinity College London ATCL Piano Recital. She first started teaching in 2009 and have since taught students of all ages from the beginner level to ABRSM Classical Piano, and Pop Music. Being student-oriented and positive towards her music teaching, Ms Pei Chieh is dedicated to understanding her students’ learning abilities and how they learn best. She utilises creative teaching ways that best suit her students and guides them towards achieving their full potential in their music journey. She hopes to inspire her students through the joy of music learning and appreciation

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Piano Teacher

Ms Erin who she has a strong passion in working and teaching young children, holds an ABRSM Grade 8 in both Piano Practical and Music Theory. Her aspiration in piano playing led to her wanting to be a piano teacher. She is very aware about her responsibilties to impart the correct skills and technique in piano playing to her students so that they too will share the same passion towards piano playing. Her objective for each lesson is to impact her knowledge in a fun and captivating way to spur her students to improve over time. With her vast range of  work experience in several industries, she hopes to apply her experience when teaching young children.

Piano Teacher For Kids in Singapore | Melodious Piano Studio


Piano Teacher

Ms Rina started her music journey at the tender age of six. What was initially a mundane weekly routine turned into something she looked forward to when a passionate teacher walked into her life. Her perspective changed, and she realized the importance of having a teacher who had a zeal for the subject she was teaching. She graduated Honors Degree GLCM (Hons) from London College of Music, United Kingdom. She is Recipient of the Westminster Prize, and is well-versed in both Piano and Flute, with ABRSM, LLCM and ALCM certifications. Ms Rina is experienced in teaching students from all walks of life, of different ages. She strives to make learning enjoyable for everyone

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Piano Teacher

Fang Yuan started her music journey at the age of 7 and aspired to be a music teacher at a young age. She pursued her music studies by being a performance major in the Music Elective Programme (MEP) at her junior college, where she was shortlisted to receive the MOE Music Elective Scholarship and attained distinction for the subject. Upon graduation,
Fang Yuan is now pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music at National University of Singapore. Fang Yuan also plays the trumpet as a second instrument and was a member of her junior college symphonic band. Furthermore, she also enjoyed playing in community orchestras. Besides teaching at Melodious Piano Studio, Fang Yuan had been a music mentor to graduating JC students in her school and walked her juniors through music studies and performance. She also pursues her interest in working with children as she tutored at her church’s Tuition Ministry and is currently a Sunday school teacher at her church. A musician with innate passion and musicality, Fang Yuan hopes to inspire as many students to appreciate the beauty of music. She believes in making music accessible to the people around her and developing aspiring musicians with stylistic awareness and musical understanding so as to turn music learning and music making more enjoyable and purposeful. More importantly, she hopes to enable each and every student to explore and develop their own musical ‘voice’ through honing their musical interests and maturity. All in all, Fang Yuan strives to form connections with her students so as to make music lessons fun, relatable and insightful.



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Piano Teacher

With a strong passion for music, Shu Ying has been learning the piano for 13 years, since the age of seven. She has a distinction in ATCL piano diploma and is currently pursuing a degree in Biomedical engineering. Her passion for music has led her to pursue many opportunities given to her to help deepen her understanding and love of classical music. Since primary school she has used these opportunities to grow in music. She participated in her music school's annual piano competiton and won 3rd prizes and even performed in front of her primary school when she got the chance. In secondary school she also pursued music as a subject to help deepen her understading of classical music. This helped her gain an interest in teaching people about the beauty of classical music and she hopes to help her students appreciate classical music as she does. She has also participated in piano competitons like La Pianista and she hopes for her students to, like her, appreciate the challenges faced when learning classical piano while having fun.



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Piano Teacher

Megan has always been passionate about music and sound. As a child, she played the piano and performed as an Mezzo-Soprano in her school choir. As a young adult, she attained an ATCL Piano Diploma in Performance (along with ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory) while completing a Polytechnic Diploma in Sonic Arts. Now, she continues to pick up new instruments like the drums, for which she just earned a Grade 3 from Rockschool. She is also pursuing a degree in Digital Media. Megan’s passion has grown even stronger ever since she ventured into a career of teaching music. She has been teaching since year 2018, teaching kids as young as four years of age and has always enjoyed every step of the process. She wants the best for all her students and finds joy in helping them shine.





Piano Teacher

When Charlene saw a piano sitting at home, her music journey began. She has been playing the piano for over 10 years since the age of six. In 2018, she has attained Merit in ABRSM Grade 8 Piano Practical and Music Theory. She started teaching piano at a community centre in 2021. While teaching, her passion for piano grew and she wanted to have more exposure. She hopes her students have fun while learning under her! Charlene is a wonderfully kind, patient, but more than anything extremely qualified teacher. She will with certainty teach your child how to excel at the piano, but at the same time to enjoy, and look forward to their lessons. Charlene strives for excellence in her lessons, making sure that she teaches her students immaculate technique and musical expression. But at the same time she does her best to keep lessons fun, and light; and to ensure that students are enjoying their musical experience.





Piano Teacher

Ms Kelly started learning the piano at the age of 7. She has been playing for 32 years and teaching for more then 20 years in music school and freelance teaching. She has extensive experience to conduct music and movement group classes besides prepare students for year end recitals as well as exam. Recommended by her own teacher, she gives lessons to fellow students who needed extra help with their exam. Patient and dedicated, She firmly believes that everyone is able to pick up the skills to play the piano. Being a mother of 4 herself, she can easily relates to the aspiration and expectation of parents who likewise want their children to excel. With her many years of experience, the patience and dedication in dealing with young learners come as naturally ingrained.





Piano Teacher

Ms Catherine Yeong began her music journey at a tender age of 5 with piano and have not looked back since. 

In 2014, she attained a Diploma in Piano Performance from ABRSM (DipAB). With outstanding Diploma results, she was awarded a scholarship to pursue her Bachelor Degree in Classical Music. In 2018, she attained her Bachelor Degree with Honors. She has been teaching music for over ten years. She believes music is food for the soul as well as a great bonding tool. She firmly believe that the musical journey should be an enjoyable adventure! She wants to share her musical knowlege with people from of all ages and walks of life. She has students as young as 4 years old to senior citizens in their sixties. She is also have experience in tutoring students with special needs.





Piano Teacher

Ms Jinnie holds Bachelor Degree in Music majoring Piano. Over the past few years, Ms Jinnie has been teaching in music school. As a young child, she was fortunate to have her parents to supported and encouraged her with musical learning. She started her formal vocal lessons when she was 4 and took part in many competitions since young age. She pursued her passion and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Music majoring in Piano. During university days, she studied with a private voice instructor where she learned classical vocal music. Her thorough education has taught her song writing as well as MV shooting and music recording. It has also taught her to understand the piano in-depth, along with music theory and music history. Driven by her passion for teaching, she actively involved in early childhood activities led by her music professor. She finds it thrilling to see a young student grow and blossom in their passion for music! 



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Piano Teacher

Ms Lee Hui began her interest in piano when her school played classical piano music every morning. She began her teaching career in 2017 and has since taught students of all ages and walks of life. During these periods, Lee Hui’s passion for classical music leading her to obtained LLCM in Piano Performance. She continued to upgrade herself and attained Advance Diploma in Music Performance at Singapore Raffles Music College. Ms Lee Hui aims to bring fruitful and enjoyable lessons to her students, and cultivate their love to music




We've the BEST Team formed by a group of fantastic piano teachers who are eagerly want to learn, share and improve on teaching every single moment.

"The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison." – James Cash Penney

Our goal is to "Deliver Piano Lessons that Kids Love"

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