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Best Place With Top-Notch Piano Lessons in Singapore

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

We're proud Melodious Piano Studio is rapidly growing in popularity as a piano lesson option for Singapore parents.

We're distinguished by one-of-a-kind teaching method, Active Learning Piano Mind. Eventually students must understand the objective of each repetition during practice.

Our students are encouraged to practice independently, in a variety of settings, and to express themselves creatively.

At Melodious Piano Studio, carefully selected teachers nurture students' motivation during weekly classes, which makes at-home practice much easier and less stressful for both parents and children.

Highlights of Melodious Piano Studio - One of The Best Piano Lessons in Singapore

Awarded Best 10 Piano Lessons in Singapore (2021)
Innovative "Active Learning Piano Mind"
Encourages creativity and independence
Cozy environment

piano lesson Singapore

What is the piano exam fee in Singapore?

In response to the situation created by COVID-19, exam board like ABRSM and Trinity has developed digital exam for both theory and practical exam.

Exam board like ABRSM offering remotely-assessed Performance Grades as an additional, alternative way for learners to achieve graded exam.

ABRSM Exam fees 2022 - Digital Exam

Grade 1 (Digital Exam) : SGD 227

Grade 2 (Digital Exam) : SGD 272

Grade 3 (Digital Exam) : SGD 295

Grade 4 (Digital Exam) : SGD 319

Grade 5 (Digital Exam) : SGD 330

Grade 6 (Digital Exam) : SGD 420

Grade 7 (Digital Exam) : SGD 477

Grade 8 (Digital Exam) : SGD 568

ARSM (Digital Exam) : SGD 920

ABRSM Exam Fee 2022- Online Music Theory (Grade 1-5)

Grade 1 (Online) : SGD 124

Grade 2 (Online) : SGD 137

Grade 3 (Online) : SGD 148

Grade 4 (Online) : SGD 171

Grade 5 (Online) : SGD 181

ABRSM Exam Fee 2022- Paper Based Music Theory (Grade 6-8)

Grade 6 (Paper-based) : SGD 206

Grade 2 (Paper-based) : SGD 216

Grade 3 (Paper-based) : SGD 227

Benefit of Physical Piano Lesson

  • Real understanding of technique like relax of wrist.

  • A work plan and physical feedback that is unique to you.

  • Possibilities to sit for exams and learn piano "grades."

  • The opportunity to ask a teacher specific questions.

Is it worth paying for piano lessons?

1. Improve Brain Performance

1. Improve Brain Performance

One of the most impressive things about pianists is that they are masters of multitasking.

To master the piano, you must train your brain to operate at maximum capacity. Keeping time, following pitch, maintaining posture are just a few of the many things your brain needs to do concurrently as your hands playing independently over 88 keys.

When you play the piano, you're training every part of your brain, from your visual and aural senses to your logical, creative, emotional, and motor functions, all at once.

The more you think about it, the more sense it makes. An accomplished pianist must reach the point where they can do many tasks at the same time.

You start with the fundamentals and grow from there. Learning the piano has a variety of cognitive advantages.

2. Boosting one's self-confidence

A case study of youngsters found that improving one's self-esteem by learning to play the piano was effective.

In my opinion, it's reasonable to assume that adults can benefit from the same thing.

Learning to play the piano teaches you to be patient, which has several advantages. Your self-esteem will soar after you've finally nailed that challenging piece.

There is a lot of discipline involved in practicing the piano.

You'll have a healthy amount of self-esteem if you can stick to your strategy and keep practicing, since you know that's how people achieve.

3. Overcome stress

 Overcome stress

Piano music has produced some of the most beautiful and moving works of art, but the piano is more than simply a great instrument for expressing human emotion.

According to a 2013 study released by the National Library of Medicine, scientists have recently discovered that learning to play the piano is a procedure so useful that it may relieve depression and reduce stress.

Everyone, from young children to the elderly who are struggling with sadness and stress, may benefit significantly from learning to read music for the piano.

Final Thought

To all the parents out there, I say,

"Learn an instrument while you are young. There is no better moment."

If you have a child who is interested in playing an instrument, it is a wonderful thing.

Your child's love of music might open a door to a lifetime of happiness if she or he plays the piano.

As an alternative to reading our glowing testimonials, you may try the studio out for your child or yourself by signing up for a trial class.

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