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Tips for Buying a Piano in Singapore

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Learning piano is one of the hobby that we would like to recommend for children and adult in Singapore. Studies have shown that it is truly never too late to pick up piano – the physical and mental that benefits everyone.

However, many parents or students in Singapore are clueless about the pricing on piano that could be the barrier for them to buy piano, while some are overwhelmed by the wide choices of terms and specs.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend ten-thousands over to own your own piano and this article is going to give you piece of advice on how to choose a right piano for you.

After reading this article, you will have a basic knowledge which will assist you in determining which piano type is ideal for you.

Let’s have a closer look on Acoustic Piano vs. Digital Piano vs. Keyboard

Acoustic piano is “real” piano, which we usually called as piano. Acoustic piano is a full size piano which referring 88 black and white keys.

Digital piano is designed to imitate the sound and feel of traditional piano.  

It’s ideal for a beginner learner.

With the advanced technology, digital piano has close feature as the acoustic piano.

The main difference between a piano (acoustic piano) and digital piano is the mechanism to produce sound.

For a piano:

When the key is pressed -> Hammer strike the string -> Vibration is produced -> Transmitted to the soundboard

In contrast, digital piano has no strings. Sensor can detect the movement of the keys and sound produced through speaker.

Keyboard is less expensive portable keyboards that feature a large number of built-in sounds and tunes, which do not have a particularly realistic piano tone and touch.

Tips On Buying The Right Piano In Singapore | Melodious Piano Studio

Non-weighted or semi-weighted keys are most frequently seen on such keyboards, which do not have the same tactile response as a genuine piano.

It’s not a wise option for individuals who want to improve their finger strength and technique.

While the keyboard tones are generally of a good quality, they have a restricted dynamic range, which may be attributed in part to the unweighted action.

Why you really need weighted keys?

A keyboard with fully weighted keys will provide you with a more authentic piano playing experience. 

Bear in mind choosing just an inferior quality piano could affect an individual’s musical development. So the most important thing to look out when you buy a piano is weighted keys.

A good piano generally comes with full size weighted piano keys.

Weighted keys required apply of strength to push down the keys. It offers volume control and mimic the sound like a real piano.

The weighted action is important to build a student’s finger strength and awareness of using wrist weight or arm weight in order to produce the sound.   

For student who is using a non-weighted keys will experience struggling as they transit to the weighted keys which is heavier.

For a beginner learner, a basic entry of digital piano is sustainable. The advance technology today is able to recreate the tone and sound which is similar to a piano.

Now, let’s dive into seven points for your consideration when buying a piano.

1. Budget

We understand beginners might be hesitant to begin with a costly piano.

What if you discover it isn't for you? It's totally fine to begin with a less expensive digital piano. Upgrades are always possible in the future if required.

2. Brand new vs Second hand

We have listed out the lowest price of the brand new piano: Digital piano – starting from SGD 8xx Acoustic piano – starting from SGD 4xxx Buying a new digital piano New pianos have many benefits over used pianos, including warranties and discounts that may be available. The warranty is clearly the first advantage. You won't have to worry as much about possible defects or malfunctions. The excitement of being the first person to open the box and play a brand-new piano is indescribable. To summarize, buying a new piano is still the best option if you want to shop with less worries. With that said, although it's true that buying a used piano may help save money, you can also find amazing deals online and maximize your budget.

Buying a used digital piano

The first and most apparent advantage of purchasing a used piano is unquestionably its low cost. The longer a piano is used, the lower its price continues to drop.

So, if your budget doesn't allow you to purchase the digital piano of your dreams, but you still want it, buying a second hand one may be a good idea.

You must consider carefully: conditions, warranty and accessories.

Buying new acoustic piano

Buying a new piano requires a higher upfront cost. Is the same as buying a new digital piano that you experience little chance of hidden defects. Manufacturer’s warranty is able to give you greater peace of mind after purchasing.

Buying a used acoustic piano

The height of acoustic piano being the majority difference between models. Used pianos are available in a dizzying array of conditions and situations, many of which are both musically and financially appealing.

However, pianos that may be found for a few hundred dollars or even for free on sites are rarely a good deal. They almost always need a lot of work before they can be used, so transferring them would be a waste of money.

Pre-purchase inspection by a piano technician is the most significant rule for managing risk. Even if there is no warranty when purchasing from a private seller , it can also be done for peace of mind when purchasing from a professional vendor, particularly if the piano is over 10 years old.

3. Space concern

This is one of the main concern of most Singapore families as since majority living in an apartment. Buying a digital piano usually is the best start up.

Dimension of digital piano (W x D x H) : 140 X 30 X 80 cm Dimension of acoustic piano (W x D x H): 155 X 60 X 110-135 cm

4. Portability

The element of portability should not be neglected. It’s great you can carry digital piano without assistance of others. On the other hand, moving of acoustic piano requires professional team and each way cost SGD 120.

5. Maintenance

There is not much maintenance for a digital piano while an acoustic piano requires regular tuning at least once a year to keep them up the pitch especially humid weather in Singapore that cause the string under tremendous tension.

6. Tone color

Simply say tone color is like the sound of the piano. 

Considering one of the most important feature when consider an acoustic piano. Sound is like human voice. Some pianos have brighter tone, while others have mellower tone.

Generally, Yamaha Piano has brighter tone while Kawai Piano has warmer tone.

The tone color for a digital piano is quite consistent whereas an acoustic piano varying according to how the instrument is played. This provides the pianist with a wealth of expressive options.

7. Even tone

Listen to the even tone that the piano produce. Listen carefully if any keys produce unexpectedly volume. An even touch for every key is crucial to apply the right technique.

Best of the Best: TOP 5 List Feature Digital Pianos

In conclusion, we’d like to recommend you the best digital pianos. Regardless of whether you want to purchase a new or second hand piano, we believe the following five pianos will satisfy you.

1. CASIO CDP-S100: The Best Entry-Level Digital Piano

Tips On Buying The Right Piano In Singapore | Melodious Piano Studio

Compared to the Privia (PX) series, the CDP series offers the most affordable digital pianos from Casio. Casio have recently updated their CDP line with two new digital pianos, the CDP-S100 and CDP-S350.

The new CDP-S series emphasizes a small, slim and very affordable. When compared to earlier CDP versions, the size of the instruments was reduced by 30%. Nonetheless, the new CDP-S pianos are superb instruments that deliver excellent value for money. This entry-level piano has a fantastic hammer-action keyboard and 10 great tones.

2. CASIO PX-770:Best Selling Upright-Like Piano

Tips On Buying The Right Piano In Singapore | Melodious Piano Studio

Casio's product line is elevated to a higher level of quality with Privia. Casio's latest furniture-cabinet digital piano provides the finest value in its price range.

Casio’s PX-770 is the easiest digital piano among the bunch to recommend. We’d even say it’s worth considering for beginners and intermediate players alike due to its playability.

Great sound and feel are the most important aspect of any digital piano, and the PX-770 nails this.


Tips On Buying The Right Piano In Singapore | Melodious Piano Studio

Let’s dive right into the sound on this Kawai KDP110. The first thing that’s worth noting is that Kawai has loaded this up with their Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Concert Grand Piano 88-note sample bank.

Prices for furniture-style digital pianos can seem outrageous, but you don't need to spend a lot to get a wonderful experience.

The other nice thing about KDP 110 digital piano is that they’ve equipped it with a 40-watt stereo amplifier, 20 per side, it’s got two speakers which gives you a bigger and more powerful than you typically find at this price range.

4. YAMAHA CLP-535: Premium Home Digital Piano

Tips On Buying The Right Piano In Singapore | Melodious Piano Studio

There's a lot to like about the CLP353, including its appearance and sound quality, but there are also sounds from a variety of other instruments.

Digital pianos have the advantage over grand pianos in that they can store more sounds and have weighted keys, as well as better sound quality.

Even though it's not an acoustic piano, the CLP-535 comes with a wooden furniture stand to give it the appearance of one. Clavinova keyboards have the unique feature of being good additions to any home's furniture.

5. CASIO PX-S1000: World Slimmest and Stylish Piano

Tips On Buying The Right Piano In Singapore | Melodious Piano Studio

Privia line gets a fresh new look and clever technologies to enhance your musical experience.

The selling point is Casio has reduced the size of the PX-S1000 by 43% compared to prior generation Privias without sacrificing performance.

PX-S1000 looks like a high-end acoustic grand piano thanks to its gleaming surface veneer and unibody chassis.

After pressing the power button, the touch sensor controls pop out, and they're clearly visible in any light. When the power is turned off, they vanish, leaving just the smooth top surface.

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