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Bukit Merah

Nestled in the heart of Bukit Merah, also known as Redhill, the newest branch of Melodious Piano Studio stands as a testament to our commitment to music education. This branch, like our others, is designed to be a haven for budding pianists and seasoned musicians alike.

Discover the World of Melodies at Bukit Merah

Our Bukit Merah branch is more than just a music school; it's a place where melodies come to life, and learning is a joyous journey. With state-of-the-art facilities and a serene ambiance, students are provided with an environment that fosters creativity and growth.

Why Choose Our Bukit Merah Branch?

Strategic Location: Conveniently located at 131 Jalan Bukit Merah, our branch is easily accessible, making it a preferred choice for many families in the vicinity.


Expert Instructors: At the heart of our Bukit Merah branch (Redhill) are our passionate instructors. With a wealth of experience and a dedication to the 'Active Learning Piano Mind' methodology, they ensure that every lesson is tailored to the student's needs.


Comprehensive Curriculum: Specializing in Early Childhood piano teaching, our curriculum is top-notch. We've successfully helped hundreds of children embark on their musical journey, making learning both fun and effective.

Melodious Piano Studio Bukit Merah

Our Vision

At Melodious Piano Studio, our vision is clear: "To deliver piano lessons that kids love, boost their confidence, and create positive changes across many areas of life." Our Bukit Merah branch embodies this vision, ensuring that every student, regardless of age or skill level, finds joy in music.

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Studio Tour

Join us today

If you're in the Bukit Merah area and are looking for a holistic music education experience, look no further. Visit our branch, meet our team, and discover the Melodious Piano Studio difference. For inquiries or to schedule a visit, reach out to us at 9699 3214/ 9699 4291 or via email at

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