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Image by Tania Melnyczuk

KAWAI US63H Limited Edition

The KAWAI US63H piano is a specially crafted professional performance piano produced by KAWAI in celebration of the company's founder, Mr. Koichi Kawai's 100th birthday.

Exceptional Performance and Craftsmanship

It is meticulously crafted by KAWAI's senior technicians and boasts performance and tonal quality that rivals the contemporary KAWAI K8. The piano features a limited edition commemorative logo on the top right of the keyboard cover, denoting its production year, which is typically marked as 1988 or 1989. Additionally, the piano includes a full-scale frame with a "hand finish" on the lower right, signifying its prestigious status.

Bridging the Gap Between Upright and Grand Pianos

The tonal performance of the US series closely resembles that of a grand piano, making it particularly suitable for professional use. The US-63H, a second-hand piano, is part of KAWAI's high-end series and was manufactured in 1988. It is a limited commemorative edition with a full-scale frame design and sound-conductive resonance holes on the soundboard. It incorporates KAWAI's high-end rosewood hammers, offering a warm, comfortable touch and responsive playability. It can be considered a standing "grand piano" and features KAWAI's top-quality rosewood hammers, a classic six-back-post design, and a full-scale frame. It is an outstanding representation of KAWAI's upright piano line.

Kawai US Series

The entire series is positioned as high-end upright pianos, leaning towards a classical style. They feature a full-scale frame with additional resonance holes and a walnut core, which enhances the sound's softness and clarity, creating a harmonious and rich resonance. This series is particularly well-suited for professional musicians.

The KAWAI US series, as one of KAWAI's most representative high-level performance pianos, not only matches the quality of grand pianos in terms of sound and touch but also boasts a design that resembles grand pianos, with a keyboard cover and front design similar to grand pianos. The US series pianos are 131 cm in height.

Elevated Elegance and Performance

The KAWAI US series is designed for high-end customers and offers beautiful sound, a full-scale frame, an upright keyboard cover, and a design reminiscent of grand pianos. The keys are made from special materials, treated with antibacterial processes, and are suitable for professional performances.

The sound is rich and pure, the touch is comfortable, and these pianos require very little maintenance. They have straight legs, an external full-scale frame like a grand piano, a KAWAI special anti-aging mechanism, a classic six-back-post design, KAWAI special hammers (using natural wool), and a walnut core.


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