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Yamaha U1H: A Classic Model in the Yamaha U1 Series of Second-hand Pianos

The Yamaha U1H, part of Yamaha's U1 series of pianos, is a classic and highly regarded model that has enjoyed popularity both in the past and today.


This piano's traditional design and standard size make it a sought-after choice in the world of pianos. This article explores the Yamaha U1H piano, delving into its specifications, history, and why it remains a popular and cost-effective option for families.

Key Features of Yamaha U1H

  • Height and Keys: The Yamaha U1H stands at a height of 121cm and features 88 keys, adhering to Yamaha's standard size.

  • Production Era: This model was in production from the early to mid-1970s up to the early 1980s, with serial numbers ranging from the one to three million mark.

  • Model Indicators: Authentic Yamaha U1 series pianos, starting from U1G and U1H, include the "G" or "H" letters in their model names. These letters, along with the serial number, can be found in the upper right corner of the piano. Examples include "U1H 145****," "U1H 225****," and "U1H 305****."

Distinguishing Pre-U1H Models

  • Before the U1H, Yamaha produced U1 series pianos without the "G" or "H" letters in their model names.

  • These earlier models, such as U1a, U1D, U1E, and U1F, were differentiated based on their serial number range, appearance, and leg structure.

Enduring Popularity

  • The U1H stands out as one of the best-selling pianos of its era.

  • By the time of its production, Yamaha had refined its manufacturing techniques, and the U1H represented a mature stage in piano production.

  • As a result, whether in its heyday or in contemporary times, the Yamaha U1H remains a highly sought-after and economically sensible choice for families seeking a piano for their home.


  • The Yamaha U1H, with its classic design, standard dimensions, and enduring popularity, is a testament to Yamaha's commitment to producing high-quality pianos.

  • Its legacy continues to make it a favored choice among those in search of a reliable and affordable instrument for their homes.


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